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Humanity Progressive Organization

  1. Way of life
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Excluding creativity No human life, Hence the creativity of God. The first is that everyone should realize Our sensibility.

Genetically, life comes to human beings. When life comes, need comes with it. So the effort required is the basic duty of  everyone.

Every human being is a unique being Through the framework of community Have acquired a mixed living structure. These social structures are interrelated If the aid is designed to live Everyone’s life will be better Proved.

In three ways To serve the people Has duty.



Debate of God

God .. This is not just a word but an ideology that involves a great deal of debate. It is a well-known fact that mankind has long believed that the world and life were created by God. But the ultimate solution has not yet been reached on how God is the cause of it all. Religions present different views on the position of God. Each religion holds its own people and beats them individually, as its own opinion is the best of the head. The science that needs to be explored or the evidence is suffering without being able to say whether God exists or not. With this, the irrational arguments that there is no God are beginning to sound. Although the origin of the universe since,  Not only is it causal to everything contained in the present state of existence but it is also directly related to their life and transformation.

Is that Truth  God

Heat … When staring The color is odorless and tasteless Formless Dense Everywhere With the opposite properties of heat and cooling The universe is pervaded. There is a pure spirit Under this power level condition (cooling state) Depending on the size of the yard, only one or two toys will fit Forming atoms As electrons As protons As neutrons Forming in particle form. Like this  As electrons As protons As neutrons Takes shape These are the particles Evolving into direct descendants of thermal energy Atomic structure Creator. That’s the way it is. Today the universe is on display. So everything is Heat energy. Everything is fuel. Is the bulk summation of Heat energy. Solid liquid gases in the world. Land Water Air These are all Formed by Heat energy.

That’s why we Etc. The source of the famine. Nurturing itself. Basic to all. Everything That which is within all Immortal and everlasting Standard. Standard, The sacred which is indistinguishable from the rare What we became What created us all The world for us Overall True existence Heat power Scientific observer Heat energy We become conscious as God.