Called the resource of life Its purposes. At the level of accomplishment Volunteers needed.

Volunteers  Qualification …

  • Humans are human beings who care about the internet
  • Graduates in the fields of Physical Chemistry and Biology
  • Those who have realized the creation of the universe and the state of God
  • Intensive training in religious activities
  • Those who are proficient in writing and speaking in multiple languages
  • Those who are proficient in the arts of yoga and meditation
  • Health Refreshing will and allopathic medical professionals
  • Experts with experience in education, employment and training
  • Psychologists concerned with biology
  • Those who have been contacted abroad
  • Relatives of those who are superior in the economy
  • Background of politicians
  • Recipients of the trust of high officials of the Government
  • Recipients of contact with business founders
  • Experienced in tourism

  • Only one of these Even if qualified is enough. The resource of human life For themselves Instructed in one week. To others for themselves. To the teaching position. Let them change themselves.