Way of Life

Through the resource of human life Would be texting to humanity. Here are the ways to learn and teach …

Self condition-realization
Realization of secularism
Realizing the feeling of worldliness and oneself
Realization of the existence (God) for worldliness
Realization of the fact that existence (God) has become secular
Realizing the relationship between true existence (God)
Active living of the true existence (of God)
Equality and body and mind
Disease-free living
Knowing the purpose of life
Realizing the nature of life
The necessities of human life
Duty Dignity control in human life

Turning life towards the purpose of life
Starting to live truly
The dangers of starting to live truly
Getting Rid of Crisis and Starting to Live True
Ways for life extension
Experience is the basis of life
Enjoyment ….
Deep enjoyment life
Fulfillment of life duties
The completion stage of life is death
Welcome to death
Enjoying the final state of death with pleasure
Complete (God) blending through death
As God in God …..
Long live … well


Attempt as needed

Genetically, life comes to human beings. When life comes, need comes with it. So the effort required is the basic duty of  everyone.

Opportunity for income

Every human being is a unique being Through the framework of community Have acquired a mixed living structure. These social structures are interrelated If the aid is designed to live Everyone’s life will be better Proved.

Heat God Temple

To the One God of Heat God In the world  For the first time. The temple of God,  God Sense Stadium, God Communication Arena, God Study, Cosmic Origin Biology Laboratory, Conceptual forum, Secular Stadium, As the biological arena Integrated human biology Progress Workshop Created Of world humanity Dragged to her page Humanity With the true God Is to keep in touch.

Work has begun on an area of about 15 acres. There is a scientific way to teach that heat is everything. Yoga exercises to realize the creation of the universe, to realize and teach the God of heat, to worship and to promote human development for the sake of world peace and to help human beings co-exist with one another to overcome caste and religion differences and to extend human life.